Poem “Finding Oneself”

Over the last few weeks, I have been having much trouble trying to find a potential career path or decide what to do in life. Most my friends that finished college with me have found a job for themselves. Some happy, some not. I look at myself and I still search for my path in life. For my calling… Yet I have realized that maybe I already know what I want to do with my life but I just don’t accept it because I am afraid. This poem is an attempt to share these hard, critical moments of self-reflection…

I gaze in void,

I shyly peak inside.

What do I see?

Vines and vines covering the inner self.


I try so hard to find a path

Yet the path is right in front of me.

Maybe life’s quest is not to find myself

But only to accept myself for who I am or who I am not.


For searching is walking in circles,

Hoping to stumble at the center one day.

For accepting myself is to allow the Universe

Guide me into the center of the Infinite possibilities.


Yes, I am realized that my path lies in becoming an aspiring artist, writer and educator. It is the same reason for creating this blog. It is a step into the unknown. I wish that you readers shall find your path to happiness.

4 thoughts on “Poem “Finding Oneself”

  1. As I read this I really related and then I got to the last line and thought whoa, this really is a point I reached, as well. Stay true to your vision for your path, I can attest it is an extremely rewarding one! 😀

      1. They will. I felt the same way. You just have to put your intentions out there and do little things each day to get yourself there, even if it’s as simple as reading online articles about education– the littlest things all come together over time.

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