A Searcher’s Dilemma

Static, I feel.

Enslaved by my inabilities.

Thus I am striving,

I am pursuing.


Pursuing dreams,

Dreaming for a better life,

Living for the chase,

Chasing but not finding.


Down and desperate,

I sit and wonder…


Suddenly, jolts of Buddha Dharma strike me.


Am I really static?

No, indeed I am impermanent.

Like a flowing river heading towards the sea.

Dynamic and ever-shifting, I am.


Being static is a mere illusion,

Like clouds it gradually fills my mind.

Thus I meditate on the wind like impermanence.

And realize that the wheel of life is always turning.

Whether I want, feel, sense it or not.


Then I realize that my inabilities,

Don’t actually enslave me.

But my incessant striving does.

It prevents me to flow with the currents of the river of life.


Why swim against these currents?

It is an attempt doomed to failure.

Just stop, take a deep breath and let the currents propel you.

Into your unknown true path.

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