Flexible Chains

Flexible chains

That chain me

To Inaction.


Surrounded by fog.

I can’t see them.

Only notice its effects.

I walk forward.

It pushes me backwards.

I walk to the right.

It pushes me to the left.

Confused, I stand still.


Flexible chains

That chain me

To Reaction.


Once I notice them.

I try to ignore it.

It pushes and pushes me around.

Then, I get angry.

Angry at others.

Angry at myself for being powerless.

Angry at these chains that chain me.

Desperate, I use my anger fueled strength to try breaking these chains.

But these chains only harden and tighten my body.

Fog thickens and these chains become once again invisible.


Flexible chains

That chain me

To Realization.


In silence, I meditate.

In the midst of physical and psychological suffering,

I become conscious of my breathing.

The fog clears out and I can see these chains again.

I realize that these chains are actually pierced into my body.

My only way out is through my soul.

Is putting my soul out to help others that are also chained.

Through virtuous actions,

The supposed ‘I’ transfers into others,

It dissolves into emptiness.

And at last, freedom is achieved.


Flexible chains

That chain my body.

My soul finally roams like free energy.