Poem Earth Mother

Part I: Mother’s Suffering

To those who are fortunate enough to have been raised by a loving mother,

We learn that when our mothers suffer,

us children suffer.


When our mothers cry in physical pain,

us children wish that this pain was ours.

For she brought us into this world,

burdening herself with immeasurable pain,



Our mothers love us,

and we wish to re-pay this infinite given love,

back into their emptied hearts.

We wish the best for our mothers.


Dear brothers and sisters,

Above our beloved mothers.

lies the Earth Mother,

Sick and Crying.

She cries because of the suffering that us children have caused her.

Sickly, she still attempts to feed us,

nurture us with love,

whisper us the secret path to eternal happiness.

Yet most of us consider ourselves ‘too busy’ to listen to her sweet voice,

too important to care about these little things of life;

for we believe that what is crucial is to make a living,

not live the life that was given to us.


She cries and cries.

Her sweet river tears flow on to become salty.

The same salt that stings our wounded feet at the beach,

and cleanses it.

She cries cold and frozen tears atop the mountains,

yet we melt them away

because our bitter hearts have allowed the spread of an evil fire.

A system that consumes and consumes

Everything that our five senses can capture.


ps. I will be posting five more parts of this poem over time. All together this poem explores the suffering of the Earth Mother and the relationships between different elements following Wu Xing theory and Taoism. Thank you for reading! More will follow…

A Family Rain Day…

Droplets of sounds,

Harmonically fill my ears.

Sounds of gentleness hugging the hard ground.

A mother’s embrace from above to the trees.

Needles of love sting the soil,

It hurts but heals.


This process of love makes me think of home.

The gentle, hard and loving home.

I realized how much I miss my brothers, my parents and aunt-cles.

I miss the feeling of living with no worries because I know,

They are and will be with be.


Oh that innocent laugh! It haunts me…

Yet everytime I reach for it, it fades.

Will I ever reach it?

I hope I will someday.

And I hope my little brother won’t lose his.


I wish I could be there for him.

My quest for dreams has dragged me far away.

Yet my string of love still remains,

Connected, day and night,

Sometimes consciously,

Sometimes subconsciously,

But it is there – quietly and lonely.


I dedicate this poem to my family.

The love of my life.

Please don’t think I forgot you,

Because I didn’t.

My strings are still there,

Shaking with every vibration of love you send.


With love,