A Happier Place

Jason was an intelligent little boy. One day, he was given a school assignment in which he had to come up with an idea to make the world a happier place.  

He thought and thought. He started asking people around him if they were happy with their lives. He learned that most people were unhappy with their lives. Some complained about not having enough money, some complained about having too much money and some didn’t know why they were unhappy.

At the day when the assignment was due, the teacher noticed that Jason just handed in a blank sheet of paper. The teacher asked “What is this Jason?” Jason replied sincerely, “The world is already a happy place like this blank sheet of paper, it’s just that people don’t realize it before they write things in it.” 


(This story was created when I was trying to find a context to explain the word to come up with to intermediate English language learners, Very simple but contains a little wisdom we often forget  )

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