Poem: Connecting Your Heart (Part I)

Part I

As I sit writing this poem,

The chair made by a worker machine supports my weight.

My feet touches the ground and it supports me.

Burning coal factories fire the electricity to the lamp above.

This air I breathe in and out is shared among all.

The water I need flows through all, unevenly.

These clothes I wear were made by factory workers from all around the world,

Most likely trapped in low wage work in order to survive this hierarchical world.

An organized, globalized world, fueled by desires for wealth, fame and power.

Projected through the lens of a prescribed system often called capitalism.


An abstract system that categorizes and divides real life according to

So called laws of demand and supply,

Shareholder value,

Price and other fancy names that express no meaning at all,

For they are all empty.


Empty of its own inherent existence,

Empty from the only thing that makes them real,


Poem: A Dancer’s Meditation

Spinning discs,

Scratching discs,

Sounds of African drums,

Frisk your soul,

With crumbs of the Eternal.


These spherical sounds,

Open your heart.

Like a dart,

It penetrates into the center,

Hitting jackpot,

Into the collective unconscious.


Your body grooves,

Your mind dances with joy,

Every move grounds you to the present moment,

Emptying and awakening yourself,

From all worries, fears and attachments.


Energy starts flowing,

Rhythmically bursting like waves.

Mind and body connects,

Bridging sounds to forms to shapes and emotions.

Expressing the deep inner-self that meditates within.

Poem: Impermanence


Something people fail to understand.

We rush, plan our lives

But it slips away from the cracks of our hand.


We attempt to grab it,

Store it,

Maximize it,

The fleeting youth dragging our empty bodies.


Impossible task,

For all creation shall be destroyed one day,

It is far beyond us.

It is just that we fail to accept this piercing truth.


Instead, we create red and rosy parallel universes,

And throw our bodies into them.

Free falling into the inescapable darkness,

We blindly convince ourselves that death and suffering do not exist.

We hope that worldly attachments would amper our falls.


Like broken nets,

Attachments are mere illusions.

We fall and fall deeper,

These parallel universes crumble on its own emptiness.

Only when we hit the ground and come face to face with Death and Suffering,

We realize that Love and Dharma are the only treasures we had in life.

Short Story – Foolish Dreams

As I was writing this story, I was listening to this inspiring mantra. If you enjoy spiritual songs, I recommend that you check this song out as you read this short story. Enjoy!

“Stop dreaming, you’re just fooling yourself” – says a boy’s father. This kid, he keeps dreaming so high, I’m worried that the world will bring him down and disappoint him. I need to wake him up to the real world so he doesn’t suffer as much as I did.

Outside, the rain stops. Confused and sad, the boy goes for a little walk. He has big dreams. He dreams of a world in which animals, all types of it, insects, pigs, chicken, all live in harmony with humans. For him, humans need to stop factory farming animals and devouring them. He hopes for a world with no wars, no poverty and no pollution.

Walking along the road, he wonders. Am I dreaming too much? If everybody starts to believe in a better world, the world would soon become a better place. I don’t know. Maybe my father is right. The world cannot be changed. It is too hard for a kid like me to try to change the world.

On the semi-wet road, the boy sees little moving black dots on the pavement. He looks closer and realizes that these black dots are actually flying ants lying on their backs. Their wings are stuck on the wet pavement and they frenetically kick their tiny legs in an attempt to flip themselves around. And for the ants that are not stuck, as they try to flip their wings and fly away, they become stuck to the wet pavement just like the other ants.

This view of life astonishes and saddens the boy. Compassionately and without thinking, he puts his finger out so the insects can climb to it and fly away. Some insects climb right up and fly away. Some ants climb into his hand and stay there, not wanting to leave. And some ants are already dead when the little boy tries to help them. The boy spends a long time doing this over and over again without getting tired.

While the boy works hard, the sun starts to shine and teaches the boy that eventually the sun would dry up the pavement and free these ants. All this suffering is impermanent as the infinite love from the sun will eventually set these ants free. He thought, my job is to speed up this process of love from the sun.

As he is about to liberate the last flying ant, his father appears from the back and uses his hand to help out this ant. The boy looks up in surprise and sees his father in tears. The father tells the boy, “I’m sorry for all the tough words I said to you before. Never stop dreaming. I am the only fool here because I have given up on my dreams. As you liberated these flying ants, you also liberated me. From now on, I will always be there for you and I will help you accomplish whatever dreams you have. I love you son.”