Poem: Impermanence


Something people fail to understand.

We rush, plan our lives

But it slips away from the cracks of our hand.


We attempt to grab it,

Store it,

Maximize it,

The fleeting youth dragging our empty bodies.


Impossible task,

For all creation shall be destroyed one day,

It is far beyond us.

It is just that we fail to accept this piercing truth.


Instead, we create red and rosy parallel universes,

And throw our bodies into them.

Free falling into the inescapable darkness,

We blindly convince ourselves that death and suffering do not exist.

We hope that worldly attachments would amper our falls.


Like broken nets,

Attachments are mere illusions.

We fall and fall deeper,

These parallel universes crumble on its own emptiness.

Only when we hit the ground and come face to face with Death and Suffering,

We realize that Love and Dharma are the only treasures we had in life.

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