Poem: A Dancer’s Meditation

Spinning discs,

Scratching discs,

Sounds of African drums,

Frisk your soul,

With crumbs of the Eternal.


These spherical sounds,

Open your heart.

Like a dart,

It penetrates into the center,

Hitting jackpot,

Into the collective unconscious.


Your body grooves,

Your mind dances with joy,

Every move grounds you to the present moment,

Emptying and awakening yourself,

From all worries, fears and attachments.


Energy starts flowing,

Rhythmically bursting like waves.

Mind and body connects,

Bridging sounds to forms to shapes and emotions.

Expressing the deep inner-self that meditates within.

One thought on “Poem: A Dancer’s Meditation

  1. this poem expresses what most dancers feel when dancing, absorved in the music: inner tranquility while their body bursts with burning flames of movement.

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