Emptiness For…

I feel empty,

Wanting something,

Wishing something.

Is it desire?

Is it passion?

Is it wealth or fame?


Tempted by wordly pleasures,

My mind lingers in confusion.

Yet the ray of impermanence strikes,

All these desires would make sense if the body was eternal,

But it is NOT.

It shall soon rot and decompose.


What should I do then?

To accept Death as it is.

And use all your time in this temporal world to fully, truly,

Practice the Eternal,

That is Love my friend,

Fully Love in gratefulness,

In mindfulness,

In truthfulness.

Fill yourself with Love,

And you shall free yourself from Death!

A Bird Sits Contemplating

A bird sits contemplating

On a branch

Of dancing trees

Swaying at the sound of snow white sugar.


So sweet,

This ice-cold view

That somehow warms the heart

And whispers that God is everywhere.


God is with the bird outside in the snow,

For it shelters it with life and warmth.

God is with the dancing trees

Swaying at the sound of the crisp wind.


God is in the falling snow.

For it spreads the world with a layer of infinite beauty

That only few stop and appreciate its beauty.

(The bird contemplates.)

God is in you and me.

Always here,

It’s just that we forget sometimes.

We forget the most important of things:

Forget love,

Forget beauty,

Forget our place in the world.


So contemplate like the bird, my friend

And have faith

For the Lord is embracing you, right now.