Poem: Deception

I aim to deceive You;

To deceive Me;

To deceive All;

In this dreamlike world.


I dress to deceive you,

Talk to deceive you,

Walk to deceive you.

All deceiving me;

Deceiving all;

In this interdependent world.


Did I almost deceive you?

With my want to be ‘poet-like’ usage of words.

Did I almost convince you?

That our fall to Death is Not happening right now.



Like a waterfall of lies,

I fall.

Dragging you with me

Into the noisy, turbulent currents below.

Powerful currents these are,

Always in motion,

These erratic currents,

These circular currents,

That push you and me playfully

Like children having fun with their Non-favorite toys.


We are not that special after all?

Are we?

Throwing us around.

Scratching our thin layers of paint.

Breaking our arms,

Our heads,

Until we are of no use anymore.

Then we are thrown into the bin marked “To Be Recycled.”

Isn’t there an end to this suffering?


Perhaps if I didn’t drag you with me

Down this waterfall,

You would be saved from this misery.

Perhaps you would feel compassion for me

And save me;

By throwing me a rope or something to lift me up.

Just like Monkey King,

Maybe together we can cross into the other side of the waterfall.

And find a cave filled with flowers and fruits.

No but he got tired of that luxurious lifestyle and journeyed West with the Tang monk.

Hm…then let’s just hope that one day,

We both can find our paths and walk it with Love.