River Song Ganga Amar Ma

My research on people’s relationship to rivers had led me to find this inspiring song about the Ganga and Padma rivers. My sole purpose of this post is to share this lovely song with you. To share.

This is an inspiring song composed by Bhupen Hazarika and sung by Runa Laila. It has deep influences from Bengali and Assamese folk music. Its style is connected to the Bhatiyali genre, which is a type of traditional folk song sung by boatmen in the rivers of Bengal while travelling downstream the river. These songs have a contemplative and mystic component in them. Common topics are nature, love, oneness and people’s connection to rivers. I couldn’t find an English translation of this song yet. Also, I couldn’t translate this song myself because my Bengali is limited. Thus, the best online explanation about the meaning of this song is from another blog called Naman Astitva,

“It is a Bengali folk song of the Bhatiyali genre, often sung by the boatman on trips across the Ganga and the Padma rivers. Its meaning of the words is subtle yet beautiful citing that we are all essentially the same. The best line in this song – we share one sky, one breeze and one breath citing that we have one mother – which is the River Ganges. It continues – one wishes, one love, one set of tears, one set of sorrows etc. ”

excerpt from blog Naman Astitva, http://naman-astitva.blogspot.in/2012/01/ganga-amar-ma.html. This is a great blog you should check it out.


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