Reflections on Dharma

Dharma hurts


But it burns all impurities.

Cleansing past karmic actions


Turning into ashes

Carried away by storm winds.

Rain falls.

Floods wash out the old

Bringing in the new

Planting the seeds of change.


A dynamic process this seems

Ever-changing and ever-flowing

It seems like everything changes

Through the ages.

Good men become bad.

Bad men become good.

Fame attained.

Respect lost.

Wealth earned.
Heart robbed.

Deeds accomplished.

Then forever lost

Into the sands of time.


People work so hard to reach somewhere,

Attain something,

Become someone,

Only to lose it all in the process.


All is part of the process of cycling,


And cycling

Through birth, aging, sickness and death.

A self-repeating process filled with suffering,

Taught The Compassionate Buddha.


Dharma hurts


It hurts to lose something that you worked so hard to attain.

It hurts to lose someone who you love

So much.

So much suffering in the world

Expressed in people’s cries, tears, moans and screams.

You can hear everything within your Heart if you listen closely.


Dharma hurts


But it burns all impurities.

It burns everything to emptiness.

In essence,

There is nothing to achieve,

Nothing to succeed,

Nothing to accomplish,

Nothing to attain,

Nothing to become.


The wondrous Heart Sutra teaches that

All dharmas are emptiness,

There are no characteristics,

No birth,

No cessation,

No purity,

No defilement,

No increase,

No decrease.

Thus in emptiness

There are no five aggregates

Which construct the sense of “I”:

No form,

No feeling,

No perception,

No mental impulses,

No consciousness.

There is no ignorance

Or ending of ignorance,

And so forth until no old age and death

Or ending of old age and death,

No truth of suffering,

No cause of suffering,

No cessation of suffering,

No Path to transcend suffering,

No wisdom,

No attainment whatsoever

Because there is nothing to be attained

For there was nothing to begin with.


Once you realize this,

You become Free

And you can discard this imperfect boat of words

For you have crossed to the other Shore.


Sources of knowledge and inspiration: (English translation by Ven. Master Lok To from the version of Heart Sutra translated from Sanskrit to Chinese by Venerable Hsuan Tsang or Xuan Tzang) (detailed definition of the Five Skandhas or the Five Aggregates) (different versions of English translations of Heart Sutra by different schools) (Heart Sutra mantra and song with Sanskrit lyrics and English subtitles)

Where Are You O Little Bird?

Where is it?

The treasure I search.

The light.

The bird that sings with a sweet voice.


I searched for you everywhere,

Here and there,

Up in the mountains,

Down in the valleys,

Into dark forests,

And along mythical rivers.

Where are you o little bird?


A long time ago we met

But I forgot and neglected you.

I got busy with worldly concerns.

‘Grown up’ things like

Bodily comfort,

Sensory pleasures,

Material wealth,

And craving for respect and power.

How foolish I am!


I forgot about you

So I started blindly searching

For something,

Anything that could refill my broken jug of heart.

For it was slowly leaking,

Emptying itself of Life.


I searched for you everywhere,

Here and there,

Up in the mountains,

Down in the valleys,

Into dark forests,

And along mythical rivers.

Where are you o little bird?



I rested my hand into my pocket,

And there I found you.

A sick and neglected

Blue patched golden canary.

I gently held you in my hand,

Fed you,

Cleaned you,

Took care of you,

And gave you all my Love.


Soon you became filled with Life

As my Heart became filled with Love.

You started flapping your wings,

Flying around things.

I tried to catch you,

Put you in a little cage.

But I realized that it was impossible to catch your free spirit.

What a worthless task I got myself into!

I let you free o bird!

You come visit me wherever you want.


Then you perched,

And started singing your Heart out.

Your sweet voice echoed through the world.

First five people came as audience,

Then ten,

Soon a multitude of people gathered around you.

You sang sweet songs of Love

In different styles and languages.

Bringing people together

To celebrate the inner Divine

That resides within!


Allow me to accompany you o little bird!

Let me taste thy Freedom.

Let’s roam the world,

Land wherever our Hearts guide us to,

And sing sweet songs of Love!

Let me liberate myself from worldly chains,

And live free just like You!