‘Even if the cherry flowers bloom,

Ours is a world of suffering.’ — Issa, Japanese poet (1763-1827)


I dedicate this poem to the cuckoo that sings with a sweet voice:


Lonely tree

Blossoming flowers

Kissing bees

Butterflies flirting

In Circles

Cleansing rains

Clearing clouds

Shy Sun shyly shines


So many flowers blossoming into the world

Spreading Love

Beauty of Creation

Selflessly serving

For the Divine One


A voice echoes with the wind

Dear closed flower buds

Blossom, blossom and blossom

Blossom into the world

It is more painful to stay caged in

Than reaching for true Freedom

Let go of your burdens

Pain, abuse and suffering

Let go of your ‘self’

Desires, dreams and attachments

Allow your fragile petals

To open up one by one

Until all is surrendered…


It’s not an easy task

Not at all

Of letting go

So take your time

One day you’ll shine

Just remember

You are not alone

There are so many flowers in the tree

There are so many trees in the forest

And so many forests on Earth

It might be that all are slowly


So much suffering in this process of change

Hence listen, listen to the cuckoo’s calling

Purify your inner world

And blossom into the outer one

The whole universe shall rejoice

From rivers, mountains and forests

To birds, bees, butterflies

All sentient and non-sentient beings

Remember you are not alone

Listen to the sweet cuckoo’s calling

Blossom, blossom and blossom!



Confessions (of a former ‘Master of the Universe’)

A strange bird sings

Perched on a skyscraper tall tree

Is it Bird-man?

I recently watched this film

But why is this character here?

Simply singing and watching

As I fall


Quite a view

From the top of a skyscraper

Modern dollar temples

Trickling towards the faithful

Followers of my Word

As I look down

I see the streets

Where I used to stroll

Old Trinity Church still stands

(Though very short compared to my $ temples)

What? Zuccotti park is again filled with Occupy protesters

Where is the Charging Bull?

I hope it charges towards those ungrateful protesters

Whose parents gave them everything

Yet they still complain

Pampered fools

Liberals, ‘hippies’ and lazy f***ers

Can’t they get a job just like everyone else?

I can see my worshippers down there

The best of the best

My managers

Straight out of Ivy League ‘schools’

My workers and interns

From all around the world

Also there are some confused tourists

Looking up

As I fall


Funny thing

Is that they don’t know I’m falling

They think I am performing some divine ritual

That life will get better and better

And as long as my ‘God-blessed’ system continues

All is well and daily life will continue as usual

Shop, eat, sex, sleep, work…

And they consider themselves ‘happy’ (sort of)

I should feel pity for these ant-like people

Rushing here for my crumbs

If they are lucky enough, they can get their hands on a piece

Oh they become so proud and happy

Selfies, instagrams and tweets

Dinners, parties and booze

Shopping sprees, suits and cars…


Little do these people know

How this crazy craving and extravaganza

Has been slowly planted into their minds

Little do they know how I spent billions and billions in the media industry

To slowly condition them to want to be like me

Not like me per se

For I like to remain ‘invisible’

But like my puppets who perform the act

Of being beautiful, rich and famous

Therefore people want to join me

To work for me

To consume for me

Sometimes when consumption is low

I hit them with slogans

‘Keep buying, keep shopping, all on sale!

All on sale, on sale, on sale!’

People go berserk, just like animals

Stampeding each other

And keep on buying and buying

(Quite entertaining for me)

And people want to have more and more

More phones, flatscreen TVs and laptops

More houses and cars

(Which actually means more loans and more profits for me)

More sensual pleasures

(At least it distracts them from noticing the system)

They want more and more

They want everyone else to share that living craze

(For it comforts people to know that others are on the same boat)

So the system continues…


It’s really not easy to maintain this system

I have to go to war for oil and very soon for water

I have to convince people that climate change is not real

That the environment is not in a critical state of change

That my system does not destroy the environment

I have to control dissent and send them to my special place

A place where their bodies belong to me and I can do anything

To bring these people to ‘normality’ and last resort wipe them out

I have to ‘educate’ people

To not think but to follow orders from above

I have to dig through history and learn from the best

Like from the British colonial machine

I have to turn people against each other

Based on any lines like religion, race, class, etc

Using lies, fear and manipulation

So that people seldom notice me

But hate and kill each other

Divide and conquer

Pretty brilliant plan

Isn’t it?

I have to carefully pick out and feed selected leaders

Fatten them up

So they work for me

Not against me

I have maintain this magical world

Of fusing myths with the so called reality:

That all men are equal (not women)

That women belong to the house

And exist to satisfy men

That there is Universal right to education

That the rich are rich because they work hard

That it is God’s wish that the rich are rich and remain rich

That the poor are lazy, violent and envious people

That we live in a free, tolerant society

And people should not complain nor dialogue to each other

That everyone should stay in their houses and live ‘happy’ lives


Dam it! It’s getting harder and harder to maintain this system

People are talking and dialoguing to each other

Trying to find alternatives

I’m hearing things like new-economy

Bottom-up approaches


Organic farming

Common resource management


Those ungrateful bastards

After all I have given to them…

Now I’m falling

But I can always rise again

For I live and suck on human-blood

I will be there waiting for the right moment to rise again

But now I’m about to hit flat on the floor

And splash into pieces

Back to Earth I return…



ps. I would like to show appreciation for my friend and guru who introduced me to the ideas of Paulo Freire, leading Brazilian thinker, philosopher, educator and writer of the book ‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed’ and Frantz Fanon, a psychotherapist and anti-colonial thinker who exposed the connection between mental disease and oppressive colonialism. A deep and sincere thank you my cuckoo friend.