my karma is a burning wok

My karma is a burning wok

Cooking in stir-frying oil

*burning wok

Today I see you


Oh restaurant system

We are in a big hot mess

Aren’t we?


We are both cooking

Ourselves in it

Together with all the chickens,


Cows and vegetables in it

I see now that

You are a blind system

And I am blind to your blindness

Only enjoying your riches

Yes you have given me much dear

And I have returned little to you

Only complaints

And ungratefulness


We are both cooking

Ourselves in this hot burning wok

I now see that

I am you

I am all the brothers and sisters

Bonded in exploitative contracts

I am the bathroom cleaner

I am the dish-washer lady

I am the chef, the waiter, the cashier

I am the boss,

I am the subject,

I am the happy customer,

I am the annoying customer,

I am the angry customer,

I am the greedy one

Wasting food,

I am the rich one, the poor one

I am the turtles and fishes swimming in the pond at the entrance

I am all the ‘factory’ animals chopped and cooked

Into dishes to be savoured by customers

Who are hungry and can afford it:

From singles to couples to families

Yes “Happy Family” is quite a popular dish

It sounds great doesn’t it?

But it’s expensive

We also serve the Americanized “Chop-Suey”

(In a Chinese restaurant in Portugal)

No don’t miss our globalized “Beijing Duck”

These fat Ducks are from Germany

Covered in sauces from China and Taiwan

Ducks are the new battlefield

Oh you feel like having chicken?

We have lots of chickens here

From spicy to sweet to sour…

Hm “Buddha’s Delight” is not yet in our menu

But let’s hope it shall be one day

Let’s move towards

The so called “right livelihood”

Are we getting closer to it?

I mean we don’t directly steal or rob others

We try to provide a service

To give happiness in a meal

Though with a heavy karmic load


Oh restaurant system

We sure are connected

Bonded in karma

I finally realize that

I can’t change you

We Change together

A hummingbird once whispered to me

That only if we are

Rhythmically synchronized

We can flow towards a new future

Signs show that the world is already changing

Whether we want it or not

From climate change,

To social change,

To a global change in consciousness

So rejoice and let’s flow together dear

Towards a more sustainable,


Just and Humane future

Let’s hope that once we are both cooked well enough

We can be served as

“Buddha’s Delight”