“I am from…” poem

(This poem was created Fall 2008 from an assignment at a psychology class at Ithaca College.)

I am from N.Y.C, saw the first lights of world through a window of a Manhattan hospital,

with my parents holding me tight,

making me feel ready,

to discover this new strange world.

I am from moving to Portugal, being a child in Lisbon since I was six years old until seventeen years old,

living in a city of world explorers,

full of beautiful beaches,

and sunny weather.

I am from a Chinese family, a family that searched for better ways of living,

with humble origins in a small village,

with rivers and lakes,

of pure crystalline blue.

I am from a Portuguese school,

learned to speak Portuguese as a first language.

got to know history about sea explorers, trade and wars,

and became acquainted with this new culture.

I am from games of soccer and hide and seek,

mostly played outdoors,

with the sight of Nature,

which cultivated the love for green and respect for animals and plants.

I am from the age of videogames and cartoons,

playing hours of game-boy, mostly Pokemon and Mario Land,

watching hours of Power Rangers, Dragon Ball and Pokemon,

and dreaming day and night about these fantastic worlds.

I am from learning to respect others,

to think about how I would feel if I was on others people’s situations,

to think twice about certain actions,

to only fight back when there is no other peaceful way of solving problems.

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