Why this blog?

This blog was created with the goal to share personal life inspirations that have pushed me to seek its outward expression in writing, painting, photography, street dance and other mediums. For many years, I have tried to neglect this inner call to place one’s heart and soul into the Arts such as painting and writing. As a child, I really enjoyed the Arts but as I grew up I thought I had more ‘important’ things to do such as trying to find a career path in order to make a living. I say I have fallen prey to the current capitalist society’s messages to de-value Art and place artists into the category of poverty. It might be true that many artists nowadays find themselves to be materially poor yet not many people know how spiritually enriching Art can be!

Buddhist philosophies have taught me to delve away from the temptations of material wealth, power and fame and aim to fully liberate oneself. Of course, these temptations still linger around and remain around me telling me to pursue them. I am still very embedded in the pleasures of worldly living yet I hope one day I can free myself from it.

Creating this blog is a step in the unknown, I have shifted my life towards the Arts and towards Buddhist goals of liberation. It is a first step so there is much hard work to do and challenges ahead. I ask all the readers to be compassionate on my current limited skills and provide constructive criticism on my works so I can be improving day by day.