Fooling around with Cartooning

Perhaps during these ‘troubled’ times it’s alright to make fun of whatever that comes to mind with my amateur cartooning skills. I ain’t no pro cartoonist but that doesn’t stop me from having some fun and making fun of people and events. Enjoy! It is much necessary to go out and use that inner compassion to help make the world a better place for all of us but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying life with all its flaws and stupidity and beauty.


“Ousting Nixon Parody”, Watercolour and Ink, Inspired by cartoon legend Chester Gould in his Detective Dick Tracy cartoon published in 1948 on Chicago Tribune


“American Dream Scream” Watercolour and Ink


“The Orange One”, Watercolour and Ink

Feelings of a Deer

Feelings of a Deer

This oil sketch was developed through an exercise with a white deer cardboard statue. I thought that instead painting the statue as it was, I would use colors to give life to this deer head statue. What if this deer had feelings? I remembered the paintings of Franz Marc, German expressionist, who made the famous painting “Fate of the Animals”. Here is a link to that painting.