The Hypocrisy of In Between

In between worlds

I stand adrift in my little boat

In the vast ocean of samsara


Sometimes energetic

Sometimes lost and confused

Sometimes Oppressor

Sometimes Oppressed


Such is the hypocrisy

Of in between worlds


Denying the Oppressor

Denied by the Oppressed

Wearing Oppressor clothes

Eating Oppressor food

Venturing out to ‘serve’ the Oppressed


Such is the hypocrisy

Of in between worlds


It might be that

In the eyes of the Oppressed

I’m still the Oppressor

With a foolish smile

And foolish acts

What a foolish child!

It might be that

In the eyes of the Oppressor

I am an ungrateful child

That eats the food but does not repay back the kindness


Such is the hypocrisy of in between worlds

Alone, lost and confused

I stand adrift

In my little boat

In the ocean of samsara


The sail is torn

The mast is loose

The stern is cracked

The cracks are leaking

The boards are molding


Oh bodhicitta boat

Break not

Don’t break

Until we reach the Other shore


The egotistical fool in me

Thought I could ferry

The Oppressors and the Oppressed

In my little boat


To the Other shore

How foolish!

How can the blind lead the blind?

Let go and find yourself the Way

Only then you can return to fetch

Those who are ready to depart


Oh bodhicitta boat

Break not

Don’t break

Until we reach the Other shore


The winds of time whisper

Ten years took Ulysses

To finally reach Home

See those mermaids


See those sorceresses and nymphs


Watch out for the one-eyed cyclope

The cannibals


You’ll encounter them

Just take heed

Wondering sailor


All things are impermanent


You’ll realize this

Sooner or later

The hypocrisy of in between worlds

Shall cease

Get hold of your little boat

Make repairs if you need

Look into the deep horizon

Can’t you see?

You are not alone

There are many bodhicitta boats

Adrift in the sea

You’ll soon meet them

You can sit, converse and chat

And continue journeying

Towards the Other shore

Song of Exit

Oh little bird

Why do you search?

Can’t you see?

You are free

Fear not

Nothing external can cage you

No body

No place

No space

Small enough can cage you

No house

With its walls and windows

Can cage you

All disintegrates upon to its conditions

Little bird

Your Golden Cage

Is within

Your house walls seem thicker and thicker

Because you are more and more imbedded into

Your sense-desires



Lord Buddha once exclaimed

“Oh house-builder! You are seen, you shall build no house again!”

Thus cultivate, little bird, cultivate

Take upon the path the Elders have set you

And slowly untie the knots

That bind you to suffering

Oh little bird

Why do you search?

Can’t you see?

You are free

ps. Here is a free resource for Buddhist practitioners. I thought all precious, free things should be shared, here it is. Credits go to my teacher who introduced me to this book.

Let It Burn

Let it burnOur Lady of Rosary

In the fire of Heart

Let it burn

To Heavenly ash

Throw in whatever is dear

All your worries, attachments and fears

Hurl in your innermost cravings

All your wishes, desires and yearnings

Let it burn

Let it burn

Let it burn

Until Nothing is left unburned in your Soul


You will see

That everything catches fire

And burns to ashes

From food, friends and family

To the innermost pleasures and desires

From all egotistical notions and concepts

Of purity and defilement

Of holiness and sin

Of deficiency and perfection

You throw in anything that rises in the Mind

And it catches fire like dried Autumn grass

Let it burn


Let the Wind blow

Let it spread this fire of Heart

Towards the ten directions

Let it kindle lost hearts that stopped burning long time ago

Let it burn

Song for the Boring Scholar

Oh boring scholar

You’ve come so far

What are you searching

Far away from home


Is it fame

To build your name

In the boring circle

Of elite intellectuals


Is it power

To make others lower

Their heads and hands

Under your speeches


Is it wealth

To fill your shelf

With trophies and books

And golden ornaments


Is it knowledge

To become a sage

And be the one

Who claims understanding


Oh boring scholar

You’ve come so far

What are you searching

Far away from home


Oh boring scholar

Where is your heart

Does it still beat

Crushed flat by your books


Oh boring scholar

Where is your mind

Is it blind

To its inner workings


Oh boring scholar

Where is your soul

Does it still ascend

To transcend the world


Oh boring scholar

Will you ever attain liberation

Freedom from craving

That realization of Nothingness


My dear scholar

To climb the mountain of Truth

You have to drop your books

Lighten your soul

Follow your heart

And release your mind

There will a point in time

When you have to take the Great Leap


Maybe then you’ll reach the summit

Or maybe you’ll die trying

The path to Truth is indeed hard

Choose wisely my dear scholar

Ode to Climate Change

Heat heat go

Hot summers no

Climate change

You’re not real

But here you are

Knocking at my door


Glaciers melt

Rivers flood


River flora dies

River fauna cries


Where are you river dolphins?

I can’t see you no more

But I can hear your cries in my heart

Your sweet happy voices

Turned into screeches of anguish


Oh wild salmon fish

Extinct you go

You might be labeled superfood

But you ain’t superFish

Humans expect you to jump Dams

To lay your eggs and sustain the life cycle…


No fresh salmon for you

Grizzly bears

Former kings of the pine forests

No reverence to you anymore

You are no longer considered sacred

No longer considered powerful

How can you fight with claws and fangs against bullets?

Those deadly bullets

That claimed the lives of your father, mother, brothers and sisters

Take my life too

It’s better than being a circus freak in a zoo


By the river

The beaver has stopped building its dams

Fewer ponds for salmon and trout to grow

Fewer songbirds

Fewer frogs and toads

Fewer wetlands

Fewer meadows

Fewer forests filled with aspens and willows

Fewer layers of rejuvenating bottom land

The life cycle slowly dies


When will humans realize that if Mother dies

We become like lost orphans

Under whose roof shall we live?

Some rich people plan

To move to the Moon, Mars or colonize a new planet…

But 99% of the world are poor as **** (compared to them)

How much will we suffer?

Thus Awaken and let’s tell our Mother

How much we Love her

Let’s Care for her

And fight for her with our Lives


But not yet I guess

Here I am sitting in front of a computer

Others by their TVs

Others playing with their phones


While by the sea shore

Whales, sea lions and dolphins wash up dead

Sea birds spa on oil spills

And snack on the Great garbage patch

Once they fill up their bellies

They lie flat on the golden sand


Sand dunes are swept

Pockets filled with money

So waves sweep deep

When the beastly waves strike

Where shall we all flee?


To the mountains where glaciers melt?

To the plains where drought strikes?

To the valleys where floods sweep?

To the cities that can’t sustain themselves without electricity?

Or to the villages that have no access to clean water nor power?


Oh the world is filled with suffering

Sorry to say but there is no escape to it

I searched all my life for one

Found Nothing

At All

Only stumbled upon the zero shaped Ohm


That states

Mind and world are One my friend

Mind is a creation of the World

World is a creation of the Mind

Let’s internalize this

And one day hopefully we’ll both realize Shunyata

Or die ‘tricked’ or trying

Not much to lose anyway

In the current state of world’s affairs…


And please excuse my directness

But Sustainability without Love is Bullshit!

Pure, hard, constipated, Bullshit!

Wake up from your rosy dreams

And see the world as it Is


Seeking completion as One.


And don’t forget

To Love your Mother, Father, Brothers, Sisters

And Climate Change

This is my ode to you

May you bring Change to this world…

Nameless Freedom

Nameless freedom

Is what I search

Nameless freedom

Is what I long


Five elements dance within

Fire burns strong

Water flows clean

Wood grows long

Metal refines pure

All ready to endure

Explosive chaos

To eternal Harmony


By the clear lake of mind

The lotus heart tingles

Ready to blossom

And spread Love into the world


By the clear lake of mind

The dragonfly flies

In circles

Teaching the impermanence of life


By the clear lake of mind

The fisherman knits his net of interdependence

Ready to catch

The erroneous fish of isolated existence


By the clear lake of mind

The woodcutter sharpens his axe of wisdom

Ready to chop down

The vine-tree of ignorance


By the clear lake of mind

The yogi meditates

Ready to battle his ego

To finally realize Shunyata


By the clear lake of mind

A bird is perched

On the tree of illusory existence



Nameless freedom

Is what I search

Nameless freedom

Is what I long


Sing with me

My friend

Only together

Freedom shall be found

The Cuckoo Sings

The cuckoo sings

Good news it brings

To my small cage

Of worldly things.


Please teach me

And set me free

My cuckoo friend


In an old cage I am,

Dirty cage

Worldly cage

Of birth, old age and death.


Please teach me

And set me free

My cuckoo friend


I wished that all birds like me

Could all be free

So I left your side

To help them break free

But nobody listened to me

Everyone is too busy

With worldly business

And since I am weak in the Dharma

Stuck in the cage I became

Suffering I am


Please teach me

And set me free

My cuckoo friend


Now I learned

That I can’t teach

Liberate anyone.

It’s all a construction of the ego.

It’s all about self-liberation


Whoever is tired of the saltiness of the Ocean of suffering

Will search for the purity of the sweet River


May all beings one day break free from this salty Ocean

May they find the source of the River of Life!


It’s time to emerge from the Ocean

Climb up the Mountain of Truth

And find the Source!


Please guide me

Dear cuckoo friend.