my karma is a burning wok

My karma is a burning wok

Cooking in stir-frying oil

*burning wok

Today I see you


Oh restaurant system

We are in a big hot mess

Aren’t we?


We are both cooking

Ourselves in it

Together with all the chickens,


Cows and vegetables in it

I see now that

You are a blind system

And I am blind to your blindness

Only enjoying your riches

Yes you have given me much dear

And I have returned little to you

Only complaints

And ungratefulness


We are both cooking

Ourselves in this hot burning wok

I now see that

I am you

I am all the brothers and sisters

Bonded in exploitative contracts

I am the bathroom cleaner

I am the dish-washer lady

I am the chef, the waiter, the cashier

I am the boss,

I am the subject,

I am the happy customer,

I am the annoying customer,

I am the angry customer,

I am the greedy one

Wasting food,

I am the rich one, the poor one

I am the turtles and fishes swimming in the pond at the entrance

I am all the ‘factory’ animals chopped and cooked

Into dishes to be savoured by customers

Who are hungry and can afford it:

From singles to couples to families

Yes “Happy Family” is quite a popular dish

It sounds great doesn’t it?

But it’s expensive

We also serve the Americanized “Chop-Suey”

(In a Chinese restaurant in Portugal)

No don’t miss our globalized “Beijing Duck”

These fat Ducks are from Germany

Covered in sauces from China and Taiwan

Ducks are the new battlefield

Oh you feel like having chicken?

We have lots of chickens here

From spicy to sweet to sour…

Hm “Buddha’s Delight” is not yet in our menu

But let’s hope it shall be one day

Let’s move towards

The so called “right livelihood”

Are we getting closer to it?

I mean we don’t directly steal or rob others

We try to provide a service

To give happiness in a meal

Though with a heavy karmic load


Oh restaurant system

We sure are connected

Bonded in karma

I finally realize that

I can’t change you

We Change together

A hummingbird once whispered to me

That only if we are

Rhythmically synchronized

We can flow towards a new future

Signs show that the world is already changing

Whether we want it or not

From climate change,

To social change,

To a global change in consciousness

So rejoice and let’s flow together dear

Towards a more sustainable,


Just and Humane future

Let’s hope that once we are both cooked well enough

We can be served as

“Buddha’s Delight”


Life and Death of a New Chinese Bourgeois

blue bird and chinese plum blossom
Blue Bird and Chinese Plum Blossom (Thanks to

New chinese bourgeois

Oh you studied in America?

“The Land of the Free,

Home of the Brave”

Are you brave enough

To stab the Oppressor in you?

Are you Free enough

To realize that you are caged

In a wheel circling endlessly?



You are going to Portugal

To help your mother?

Then here are some words for you

New Chinese bourgeois


Since you’re in Portugal

I’ll speak Portuguese to you:



Nova burguesia Chinesa

Porquê esta frieza

No teu coração

Para os trabalhadores

Que outrora foram

Teus irmãos

Porquê esta fraqueza

Contra a perda da tua riqueza

Que ganhaste
Mentindo e manipulando

As tuas irmãs?



Porquê esta dureza

Nas tuas ordens

Para com os teus subordinados


Considerados por ti


Eles são, por ti

Porque não abres

O teu coração

Para o sofrimento que infliges

Com a tua existência

Olha, estás cego?

À tua frente estão

Os teus irmãos e irmãs

Quase mortos de Espírito

Forçados a uma rotina desuhumana:









Continuando esta routina

Sempre trazendo dinheiro para os teus bolsos

Que prisão de existência é esta

Em que tu fazes de gerente?


Porque é que continuas a ignorar os sinais

Da tua Morte iminente

Cuidado, eles vêm aí para te buscar


Morre esfaqueado


E Acorda finalmente

Dos teus sonhos nublados e pesadelos

Morre, Oppressor, Morre

E Levanta-te de novo

Como Homen Livre

Luta lado a lado

Com os teus irmãos e irmãs

Sofrer juntos

E morrer juntos

Contra este Sistema



Que nos imprisona

A todos

Não ouves os sons do tambor

Do teu coração?

É o som do Amor divino

Da Compaixão

Os três perdidos



E Fraternidade

Já voltaram

Não vês?

Eles já voltaram

Deixa tudo para trás

Juntos marchamos

Juntos marchamos

Para uma nova Revolução!

你来自哪里 (Where are you from)?


 “En Chine...Le gâteau des Rois et... des Empereurs”  This is an illustration from supplement to "Le Petit Journal", 16th January 1898. Wikicommons
“En Chine…Le gâteau des Rois et… des Empereurs” This is an illustration from supplement to “Le Petit Journal”, 16th January 1898. Wikicommons





I have to use the language of the colonizers


Who have oppressed the Chinese

For centuries

Crafty f***ers

First you send


To cleanse the

‘Inferior’ culture

Get hold of Macau

Then you force


“Get those ‘squinty eyes’


If they show any signs of discontent

You bomb them to passive happiness

A little opium ‘high’

Cut a piece of Hong Kong

More of you come

Everybody cuts pieces and pieces

Steaks of influence

You eat as you watch

Our fight against Japan

Let the ‘yellow’ skins fight

Themselves to death

“We’ll come in the end”

Finish the fight

And be labeled as

The ‘World Saviours’

We give them loans

(Shh, with some strings attached)

Change the history

And convince everyone in the world

That the Whites

Are the ‘World Saviours’

No, not the Yellows

No, not the Browns

No, not the Blacks

If any of these native Leaders

Arise and threaten Us

We will do everything in our power

To buy them

If we can’t

Make the world

Hate them

“Dammed Communists”



They should

Die, die!

Burn in Hell

Funny thing

Is that

We are all going to

If we continue this road

Of Hatred, Ignorance and Greed…

Story: A Bird Sets Flight (Part I)

A bird sets flight

From its warm, cozy family nest.

Its nest has become too small,

To fit its fully grown body.

Now its eyes can look beyond the nest.

Realizing how little it is,

And how vast is the world outside.

The bird’s heart has grown big,

Filled with illusive hopes,

Distorted dreams,

And skewed ideals.

Yet a tiny seed of enlightenment-wish slowly sprouted.

Witnessing much suffering around him,

The bird searched for a way to eternal Bliss.


Hahaha, haha, ha…

Other birds mocked and laughed at its hopes and dreams.

Labeling it as “stupid, naïve and idealistic.”

The more paternalistic bird relatives,

Told him to give up these ideals and simply go help out its bird parents.

Who labor everyday to bring nourishing food for you and your siblings.

How spoiled you are.

You haven’t experienced hardships in life, that’s why you hold these ideals.

Now go and work like all other birds.


Meanwhile the Wind gently caressed its rainbow colored feathers,

Inviting it to freely fly around the world.

Ignoring the other birds’ comments and remaining steadfast on its aspirations,

The bird contemplated:

Where shall I fly?



To the Land of Water

Where the mythical Black Tortoise resides.

With its cold winters,

And life remains dormant like glacial lakes.



To the Land of Fire

Where the legendary Vermilion Bird flies.

With its hot summers,

And life blooms like daisy flowers.



To the land of Wood

Where the mystical Azure Dragon roams.

With its windy spring seasons,

And life sprouts like scented grass covered in dew.



To the land of Metal

Where the fabled White Tiger lurks.

With its dry autumns,

And life withers like fallen leaves.


Or stay in the Center?

In the land of Earth

Where the legendary Yellow Dragon sits.

With its damp late summers,

And life ripens like sweet fruit.


Where to go?


A pure inner voice replied.


It’s all relative.


No external trip is worthwhile without an internal journey.


The purpose is to realize Being.


You little bird, like the pure hearted Tang pilgrim who journeyed West to fetch the Buddhist scriptures,

Will travel to where your Heart takes you.

Your path will not be easy.

You will face many hardships.

You will meet faithful travel companions who shall accompany you throughout your journey.

You will meet the fiery minded Monkey king,

The bodily attached Pig,

The emotional Friar Sand,

And the thinking Horse.


You will encounter and face demons,

Of all forms and shapes,

Snakes ,







All disguised and ready to trick the unmindful traveler.


When you are in distress,

Pray for help.

I, the compassionate Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara

Shall appear and with a gentle touch of the holy willow branch,

All negativity shall disappear;

Relieving all suffering,

Only leaving a trail of teachings on emptiness.


Get your swords of wisdom sharp!

Hold the prajna-paramita within your heart!

Morality clear!

Study the Scriptures and Sacred Texts!

Get ready for the journey!


Flap your wings o little bird!

And may you find the answers you seek and share them with all beings!


Guided by this pure voice,

The bird bid farewell to beloved family and friends.

It embarked in its prescribed journey.

Setting out into the cold, chaotic world.


The bird flapped its wings and its body took flight.

A body well fed and protected from physical suffering.

As it gained momentum,

The little bird was soon engulfed by the vast morning indigo sky.

The sun rose in the horizon,

The whole world seemed to be dancing in joy and excitement,

As bird’s life story slowly unfolded as if waking up from a dream.


This is the story of the bird that began its journey towards the other shore.


(To Be Continued…) Stay updated for the next blog entry. A heartfelt thank you for reading this. Hope you enjoyed it.

Waking Up / Awakening Up

Pipiipiiipi, pipiipiiipi,

Alarm clock ringing,

Banging my head,

Shattering it into shards of broken thoughts,

To do lists…

Worries, fears and temptations.


A voice within says,


“I need to wake up”.


My body says,

“Why should I wake up?”

“I am warm and numb under these layers of blankets.”

“Covering me, protecting me from all chaos outside.”

“It’s cold and I don’t feel like moving. ”

“I am fine right here.”

So I remain numb and warm.


Dreaming, constructing and experiencing illusive worlds of

Comfort, temptations and pleasures.

But I still suffer somehow.

I am still unhappy,

While dream worlds arise and vanish,

Its process speeds up in an attempt to cover its own system flaws.

These flaws I notice yet I remain in this dreamlike world.

Numb, warm and lost.


Tired of cycling through bubble like dreams,

A voice whispers,

“It’s enough. I’m done with this! I am going to count down from ten and WAKE UP!”

Time passed as follows:

TEN years took Ulysses on his journey back home.

NINE muses needed to appear to inspire this poem.

EIGHT Immortals had to cross the sea together for a heavenly banquet.

SEVEN Pleiades sisters had to escape Orion to become stars.

SIX spheres of samsara one has to cycle through to plant the seed of liberation,

FIVE elements one needs to harmonize to grasp the Way,

FOUR Noble Truths one needs to internalize to find Nirvana,

THREE to understand Trinity,

TWO opposites to balance Ying Yang,

ONE to make sense of it All under God.


And I get out of bed!

It’s freezing cold outside.

I shake and tremble,

I mumble,

“Why did I do this?”

Then I go outside for a walk.

Light comes and dances with me,

Looking up,

The Dharma Sun shines

And warms me up,

From the heart,

Inside out,

Re-igniting the long lost spirit fire

That will light its way to true Awakening.