my karma is a burning wok

My karma is a burning wok

Cooking in stir-frying oil

*burning wok

Today I see you


Oh restaurant system

We are in a big hot mess

Aren’t we?


We are both cooking

Ourselves in it

Together with all the chickens,


Cows and vegetables in it

I see now that

You are a blind system

And I am blind to your blindness

Only enjoying your riches

Yes you have given me much dear

And I have returned little to you

Only complaints

And ungratefulness


We are both cooking

Ourselves in this hot burning wok

I now see that

I am you

I am all the brothers and sisters

Bonded in exploitative contracts

I am the bathroom cleaner

I am the dish-washer lady

I am the chef, the waiter, the cashier

I am the boss,

I am the subject,

I am the happy customer,

I am the annoying customer,

I am the angry customer,

I am the greedy one

Wasting food,

I am the rich one, the poor one

I am the turtles and fishes swimming in the pond at the entrance

I am all the ‘factory’ animals chopped and cooked

Into dishes to be savoured by customers

Who are hungry and can afford it:

From singles to couples to families

Yes “Happy Family” is quite a popular dish

It sounds great doesn’t it?

But it’s expensive

We also serve the Americanized “Chop-Suey”

(In a Chinese restaurant in Portugal)

No don’t miss our globalized “Beijing Duck”

These fat Ducks are from Germany

Covered in sauces from China and Taiwan

Ducks are the new battlefield

Oh you feel like having chicken?

We have lots of chickens here

From spicy to sweet to sour…

Hm “Buddha’s Delight” is not yet in our menu

But let’s hope it shall be one day

Let’s move towards

The so called “right livelihood”

Are we getting closer to it?

I mean we don’t directly steal or rob others

We try to provide a service

To give happiness in a meal

Though with a heavy karmic load


Oh restaurant system

We sure are connected

Bonded in karma

I finally realize that

I can’t change you

We Change together

A hummingbird once whispered to me

That only if we are

Rhythmically synchronized

We can flow towards a new future

Signs show that the world is already changing

Whether we want it or not

From climate change,

To social change,

To a global change in consciousness

So rejoice and let’s flow together dear

Towards a more sustainable,


Just and Humane future

Let’s hope that once we are both cooked well enough

We can be served as

“Buddha’s Delight”


Letting go

Go ego

Let go

You have created me

So much pain


Go away

Or you shouldn’t go?

What would happen to Me?

Would I vanish into thin air


And stop writing?


Am I really the writer?

Or the observer?

Hm am I the narrator?

Or the one silently watching

Life folding and unfolding itself?


I see now

I am the one who takes up the heavy burden

I am the one who carries the heavy rucksack on my back

Oh it hurts so much

On my back, neck and head

I see now

It’s time to let go

Letting go

That is the Path


Really it’s not about taking more in

But of letting go

Flow on with the River


Burden not

Yourself with changing the world

It’s about letting go

Your ego is

The most destructive,






Patriarchal force

In this world

If you let go of it

The world will change accordingly

Sounds simple right?

No it’s quite difficult

But not impossible

This process might take

Lives and lives

But it’s better to start late than never

Just let go


Remember the story of Lord Buddha and the Brahmin

With a flower offering?

Buddha told him

Let go

The Brahmin switched the flower

From his right to his left hand

Buddha told him

Let go

He dropped the flower

Buddha told him again

Let go

Startled, the Brahmin replied

I am empty handed

There is nothing I can let go of

Lord Buddha replied

I did not mean the flower

But of your clinging mind

The Six Dusts, the Six Sense-Faculties and the six Sense-Consciousness

Just let go

And change will come…


When you meet another bird

When you meet another bird

You learn to let go

Wow I’m not that special

Just a wondering bird among many

Perched in this world-tree


When you meet another bird

You learn to let go

Your worries, attachments and cravings

Fall down like cold snow

As it touches the witnessing Earth

It becomes the cool stream

That flows and flows and flows

Oh this stream has flowed through

Rivers and mountains and forests

And so it shall continue to be


When you meet another bird

You learn to be Free

Dharma and Love are not mutually exclusive

Love is Freedom

Not the egocentric selfish cage

That imprisons the soul

So be Free little bird

Fly and go see the world

Experience it and suffer from it

To finally internalize Buddha’s Noble Truths


Oh Lord Buddha

When will I stop craving?

The bird sings

You have a long way to go


When you flow through

Enough lives and experiences and sufferings

You will let go

Let go of all

And dwell in Nothingness

Mara’s Hooks

Mara, the Tempter

Plays with hooks



The unmindful traveler on the Path

So many hooks

Leading to Hell

Or rebirth in the lower realms

Human form is indeed

Hard to attain

So why waste it?

As guru Shantideva said

Like a herd of buffalos

Humans are snatched

One by one by the Butcher

But we are too stupid to notice it

We are too busy eating, sleeping, fornicating,

And searching for the ‘happily ever after ending’


Life ends in Death

And It lurks everywhere

In every second of this earthly realm

Mara throws hooks

Hooking up

Then hooked on

Unmindful souls incessantly suffer

Like fishes

Humans get baited

Then full of craving

Take a bite

To become hooked

And slowly dragged away

At first the fish

Tries to shake itself off

Flopping and flopping

Yet its mouth is still hooked on the bait

Full of agony

The fish finally realizes

Its doomed fate

Held by its tail

Banged in its head

Scales scraped

Belly cut open

Entrails taken out

Head chopped

Body chopped

Thrown into the fiery Hell

Fried, grilled, boiled or baked

So much suffering

Some fish are lucky

Somehow they manage to escape

As if by divine intervention

And learn their lesson

Not to crave

Others not so

And end up eaten, digested,

And released back to the Earth

In land or ocean

One thing has become certain

Life breathes impermanence

As long as one is mindful of breathing

One becomes mindful of impermanence

Thus becoming mindful of Buddha’s Path to transcend it

With virtue, mindfulness and understanding

The traveler can keep away from Mara’s hooks

And continue steadfast in his path

Step by step! Onward!

May all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas bless our eyes

To catch Mara’s deadly hooks!

(I take not ownership of this image Sharing from Blessings to this blog)
(I take not ownership of this image Sharing from Blessings to this blog)

Death of a writer

Oh writer

Why don’t you die?

Your imperfect words

Symbolizing sounds symbolizing experiences

Can’t touch me

Plain characters

Boring dialogue

Used up plots

Silenced voice

Dull settings

Makes me want to vomit

All the words you are trying to force-feed me

Why don’t you die?

You would save me lots of time

Lots of trouble

Lots of pens

Lots of ink

Lots of hard generated electricity

Running in your energy sucking computer

Stop wasting your time

And Mine

Why don’t you die?

Your mountain high ego

Annoys me

I can’t take it anymore

I’m going to blast you into little little pieces

The Earth is going to shake

Are you ready to die?


Oh stupid writer

Nothing you write is yours

No, your writing is NOT yours

The topics you write about

Are not yours but gifts from the people you’ve met

Places you’ve been

Things you’ve read or seen

Your imagination which is not yours only mixes them up

Creating mutant like monsters

Nothing is yours, writer

Your hands that write are not yours

Your body that sits crouched writing is not yours

Your mind that thinks and thinks is not yours

Your consciousness that is conscious of itself is not yours


You are the product and its creator

You are the world stupid

You are your parents and grandparents who brought you up

You are the Buddhas and the Bodhisattvas who taught you the Dharma

You are the Earth in which you were born, the mountains, the rivers, the trees and all its sentient beings

You are all your loved ones

You are all those who have made you suffer

You are the stream of manifestations of divine Love

Was I able to kill you?

No? What?

Die writer, die!

Truth is that only by dying you become Alive

So fear not and Die

Let go of your shitty writing

And Die for your own personal Salvation

Just let yourself go and d..

Like a Raindrop Falling Into the Sea

Waterdrop by MrMEEAN
Waterdrop by MrMEEAN

A raindrop falls into the sea

Sent from the Clouds above.

The impact sends ripples all around,

Circular ripples,

Concentrically spreading into the vastness of the sea.


The raindrop soon

Becomes attached to the sea,

Turning itself into seawater.


This rain drop was once sweet and pure

But it became salty.

Salty with the tears fallen into the sea of suffering.

So salty this water droplet became that it lost all of its past memories.

So cycling in the sea,

It remained.


Purposeless wandering,

Vangrantly flowing,

The little droplet was dragged,

Recklessly pushed around by currents,
Never stopping,

Dipping down into the deep sea,

Surfacing up,

And flowing in different directions.

So cycling in the sea

It remained.


Truth is that all things are impermanent

Thus came the day in which the once pure water droplet

Surfaced up.

The droplet was carried up on the back of a blind sea turtle.

Once the turtle rose up into the surface

The water droplet splashed into the air

And saw Everything,

The Beauty of Creation,

The vastness of the Sea of suffering,

The never-ending Horizon

Touching the Sky

With its Heavenly white clouds

And the Golden Sun.

Its warm rays embraced the water droplet,

Breaking its chains that bonded it to the Sea.

The once pure and sweet rain droplet was finally Awakened.

The little droplet remembered all of its past

And it became Free water vapor that ascended back into the welcoming Sky.

A Bird Sits Contemplating

A bird sits contemplating

On a branch

Of dancing trees

Swaying at the sound of snow white sugar.


So sweet,

This ice-cold view

That somehow warms the heart

And whispers that God is everywhere.


God is with the bird outside in the snow,

For it shelters it with life and warmth.

God is with the dancing trees

Swaying at the sound of the crisp wind.


God is in the falling snow.

For it spreads the world with a layer of infinite beauty

That only few stop and appreciate its beauty.

(The bird contemplates.)

God is in you and me.

Always here,

It’s just that we forget sometimes.

We forget the most important of things:

Forget love,

Forget beauty,

Forget our place in the world.


So contemplate like the bird, my friend

And have faith

For the Lord is embracing you, right now.