my karma is a burning wok

My karma is a burning wok

Cooking in stir-frying oil

*burning wok

Today I see you


Oh restaurant system

We are in a big hot mess

Aren’t we?


We are both cooking

Ourselves in it

Together with all the chickens,


Cows and vegetables in it

I see now that

You are a blind system

And I am blind to your blindness

Only enjoying your riches

Yes you have given me much dear

And I have returned little to you

Only complaints

And ungratefulness


We are both cooking

Ourselves in this hot burning wok

I now see that

I am you

I am all the brothers and sisters

Bonded in exploitative contracts

I am the bathroom cleaner

I am the dish-washer lady

I am the chef, the waiter, the cashier

I am the boss,

I am the subject,

I am the happy customer,

I am the annoying customer,

I am the angry customer,

I am the greedy one

Wasting food,

I am the rich one, the poor one

I am the turtles and fishes swimming in the pond at the entrance

I am all the ‘factory’ animals chopped and cooked

Into dishes to be savoured by customers

Who are hungry and can afford it:

From singles to couples to families

Yes “Happy Family” is quite a popular dish

It sounds great doesn’t it?

But it’s expensive

We also serve the Americanized “Chop-Suey”

(In a Chinese restaurant in Portugal)

No don’t miss our globalized “Beijing Duck”

These fat Ducks are from Germany

Covered in sauces from China and Taiwan

Ducks are the new battlefield

Oh you feel like having chicken?

We have lots of chickens here

From spicy to sweet to sour…

Hm “Buddha’s Delight” is not yet in our menu

But let’s hope it shall be one day

Let’s move towards

The so called “right livelihood”

Are we getting closer to it?

I mean we don’t directly steal or rob others

We try to provide a service

To give happiness in a meal

Though with a heavy karmic load


Oh restaurant system

We sure are connected

Bonded in karma

I finally realize that

I can’t change you

We Change together

A hummingbird once whispered to me

That only if we are

Rhythmically synchronized

We can flow towards a new future

Signs show that the world is already changing

Whether we want it or not

From climate change,

To social change,

To a global change in consciousness

So rejoice and let’s flow together dear

Towards a more sustainable,


Just and Humane future

Let’s hope that once we are both cooked well enough

We can be served as

“Buddha’s Delight”


streaming from a humble Chinese restaurant

I the ungrateful child of a restaurant have searched all around the world for solutions to my sufferings and I have been propelled back to you time after time until I finally realize that I failed to be grateful to you dear humble restaurant you are like my mother and father you have given me a roof a shelter you have given me food and nourished me to become who I am today you have sent me to school to college and traveling all around the world and here I am back to you my dear humble Chinese restaurant with all your flaws and imperfections please forgive me in failing to appreciate you the smell of stir fried oil the brothers and sisters within you who cook and serve all the customers that stop by for Chinese food please forgive me that I didn’t appreciate your blood sweat and tears dripped into the plates of food that you serve I know you have your own flaws but you are what you are as of now you might be part of a capitalist system that exploits its workers and condemns them to lots of suffering but I know you will be continuing your process of self-actualization and I know you will change someday somehow because you have too in order to survive and sustain yourself so let us be here and now and I am no longer shameful to say I love you and I am part of you and we shall never be separated my dear humble Chinese restaurant you are me and I am you in an imperfect world seeking transformation so I shall continue my journey flowing filled with love your bird child

Taking Refuge

My mind searches and searches

… as I try to find words

For my incessant search

What words to use?

River flow flowing chasing pleasure satisfaction fame respect identity bonds culture meaning life intimacy beer food consumption happiness the mind never stops chasing

Until I hit a dot


Small, simple yet beyond powerful

Like a massive cliff



Stares me right in the face

At this point in time

I lay in bed

Old age or not


Unable to move

Perhaps I am alone

Perhaps my family and friends are with me

Yet what can they do?

Sooner or later they will be snatched too

So they sit immobile and agonized

Watching me

Fearful for their own inevitable Fate

In whom do I take refuge?






A beautiful partner?



Will the memories of a life I once had keep me happy?

Will I be ready to face Death?


Memories are ephemeral moments long gone

And I am about to go too

When I see those shadows sneaking up to me


In whom do I take refuge?

In agony I scream to myself

In whom do I take refuge?

In whom do I take refuge?


Crying tears and snot

A sweet voice reminds me

Of the teachings

Expounded by the messengers of the Creator

All Paths lead to the One destination


I take refuge in the teachings of Love and Compassion

In the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha


I throw myself upon the cliff


Finally Free

The Waterfall opens

The River of Life flows within as I write this sentence

Flowing free freedom wind caressing a birds feathers chasing fish gliding in rhythmic waves splashing into the golden sand crabs dance the dance of mating fisherman picking crabs taking home cooking a warm delicious crab soup for his beloved partner and children enjoying meal together going to the market selling crabs to roaming people shoppers from all classes and social statuses they go home cook eat fresh crab dishes enjoy life as the river flows people flow towards the cliff and .


Should I Stop?

No the energy continues never dies only transforms itself returning to mother earth memories temporarily erased rebirth following its causes and conditions karma life continues suffering taking the path until its ultimate liberation


How Can I Not?

Time has passed by

Like a gust of wind

A bird gets ready to fly

Oh so hard it is

To say goodbye


Oh attachments

To home and not-home


Is it still home?

Where the heart still longs

For something


Long gone



It might be

That this precious Truth

Is right here

Next to me

How painful it is

That I can’t see?


Some people

Call it Love

But I can’t feel it

Perhaps a little sprout

Deeply planted

In layers and layers

Of illusive existence


How can I accept an illusory role

Prescribed by a system

Engineered to keep me

A passive victim

That blindly and silently


What others are expecting


To do?


What is ‘Me’?

I am my mother

My father

Brothers and sisters


Creators of my kinship

I am more than my blood

I am the tree that I used to love

I am the river that I used to swim

I am the clouds that I used to dream

I am earth mother desperately crying for help

I am heavenly father who gave me a soul and guides me with Love


How can I accept

Seeing ‘me’

All my loved ones

Trapped in illusion


Karmic sea of Suffering?


How can I not

Attempt to find a way out?


How can I not?

Build a boat

Search and wander in the sea

To finally find a ferryman

Who agrees

To take me to the other shore


Oh that sweet home

Where the heart longs no more

Where home is here




At the same time


If I do reach my destination

You will see

That you are ‘me’

Simply Free


You will realize

That indeed

You have agency

To build your own boat

Search and wander

Meet your ferryman

And see ‘me’

On the other shore


True Home this is

Where the heart longs no more.


Poem: Deception

I aim to deceive You;

To deceive Me;

To deceive All;

In this dreamlike world.


I dress to deceive you,

Talk to deceive you,

Walk to deceive you.

All deceiving me;

Deceiving all;

In this interdependent world.


Did I almost deceive you?

With my want to be ‘poet-like’ usage of words.

Did I almost convince you?

That our fall to Death is Not happening right now.



Like a waterfall of lies,

I fall.

Dragging you with me

Into the noisy, turbulent currents below.

Powerful currents these are,

Always in motion,

These erratic currents,

These circular currents,

That push you and me playfully

Like children having fun with their Non-favorite toys.


We are not that special after all?

Are we?

Throwing us around.

Scratching our thin layers of paint.

Breaking our arms,

Our heads,

Until we are of no use anymore.

Then we are thrown into the bin marked “To Be Recycled.”

Isn’t there an end to this suffering?


Perhaps if I didn’t drag you with me

Down this waterfall,

You would be saved from this misery.

Perhaps you would feel compassion for me

And save me;

By throwing me a rope or something to lift me up.

Just like Monkey King,

Maybe together we can cross into the other side of the waterfall.

And find a cave filled with flowers and fruits.

No but he got tired of that luxurious lifestyle and journeyed West with the Tang monk.

Hm…then let’s just hope that one day,

We both can find our paths and walk it with Love.

Poem: Systems


That ‘systemize’ you

Into objects

Of systematic production.



That ‘productimizes’ you

Into consumers

Of productive destruction.



That ‘destructimizes’ you

Into things

Of destructed conscience.



That ‘consciencizes’ you

Into beings

Of unlimited compassion.



That liberates you

From these systems of cyclic volition.


May all beings become free from systems that bring suffering to all of us.