Travels in Putuo Shan

普陀山, Putuo Shan (also known as Mount Putuo in English) is located in the Zhoushan prefecture in Zhejiang Province, China. Putuo Shan is said to be one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains in China connected to the Bodhisattava of Compassion, Avalokitesvara also known as Guanyin Pusa in China. Somehow conditions arose for me to wander there with a camera so here are a few pictures (no prof. photographer so please be patient with my skills)..


streaming from a humble Chinese restaurant

I the ungrateful child of a restaurant have searched all around the world for solutions to my sufferings and I have been propelled back to you time after time until I finally realize that I failed to be grateful to you dear humble restaurant you are like my mother and father you have given me a roof a shelter you have given me food and nourished me to become who I am today you have sent me to school to college and traveling all around the world and here I am back to you my dear humble Chinese restaurant with all your flaws and imperfections please forgive me in failing to appreciate you the smell of stir fried oil the brothers and sisters within you who cook and serve all the customers that stop by for Chinese food please forgive me that I didn’t appreciate your blood sweat and tears dripped into the plates of food that you serve I know you have your own flaws but you are what you are as of now you might be part of a capitalist system that exploits its workers and condemns them to lots of suffering but I know you will be continuing your process of self-actualization and I know you will change someday somehow because you have too in order to survive and sustain yourself so let us be here and now and I am no longer shameful to say I love you and I am part of you and we shall never be separated my dear humble Chinese restaurant you are me and I am you in an imperfect world seeking transformation so I shall continue my journey flowing filled with love your bird child

I, Blind

I, blind

Tell myself

How can the blind lead the blind

Being blinded

Banished from light

Yet able to hear the cries of suffering

How can I blind lead the blind?

I tell myself

Suffering in darkness

Conscious of my blindness

I search for any source of Light

Within that shall light its way

Towards Seeing

Truth as it is

One day I shall see the Light

I tell myself

Either this or next lifetime

One day

I shall see the Light

Or die in darkness trying…


The Hypocrisy of In Between

In between worlds

I stand adrift in my little boat

In the vast ocean of samsara


Sometimes energetic

Sometimes lost and confused

Sometimes Oppressor

Sometimes Oppressed


Such is the hypocrisy

Of in between worlds


Denying the Oppressor

Denied by the Oppressed

Wearing Oppressor clothes

Eating Oppressor food

Venturing out to ‘serve’ the Oppressed


Such is the hypocrisy

Of in between worlds


It might be that

In the eyes of the Oppressed

I’m still the Oppressor

With a foolish smile

And foolish acts

What a foolish child!

It might be that

In the eyes of the Oppressor

I am an ungrateful child

That eats the food but does not repay back the kindness


Such is the hypocrisy of in between worlds

Alone, lost and confused

I stand adrift

In my little boat

In the ocean of samsara


The sail is torn

The mast is loose

The stern is cracked

The cracks are leaking

The boards are molding


Oh bodhicitta boat

Break not

Don’t break

Until we reach the Other shore


The egotistical fool in me

Thought I could ferry

The Oppressors and the Oppressed

In my little boat


To the Other shore

How foolish!

How can the blind lead the blind?

Let go and find yourself the Way

Only then you can return to fetch

Those who are ready to depart


Oh bodhicitta boat

Break not

Don’t break

Until we reach the Other shore


The winds of time whisper

Ten years took Ulysses

To finally reach Home

See those mermaids


See those sorceresses and nymphs


Watch out for the one-eyed cyclope

The cannibals


You’ll encounter them

Just take heed

Wondering sailor


All things are impermanent


You’ll realize this

Sooner or later

The hypocrisy of in between worlds

Shall cease

Get hold of your little boat

Make repairs if you need

Look into the deep horizon

Can’t you see?

You are not alone

There are many bodhicitta boats

Adrift in the sea

You’ll soon meet them

You can sit, converse and chat

And continue journeying

Towards the Other shore


‘Even if the cherry flowers bloom,

Ours is a world of suffering.’ — Issa, Japanese poet (1763-1827)


I dedicate this poem to the cuckoo that sings with a sweet voice:


Lonely tree

Blossoming flowers

Kissing bees

Butterflies flirting

In Circles

Cleansing rains

Clearing clouds

Shy Sun shyly shines


So many flowers blossoming into the world

Spreading Love

Beauty of Creation

Selflessly serving

For the Divine One


A voice echoes with the wind

Dear closed flower buds

Blossom, blossom and blossom

Blossom into the world

It is more painful to stay caged in

Than reaching for true Freedom

Let go of your burdens

Pain, abuse and suffering

Let go of your ‘self’

Desires, dreams and attachments

Allow your fragile petals

To open up one by one

Until all is surrendered…


It’s not an easy task

Not at all

Of letting go

So take your time

One day you’ll shine

Just remember

You are not alone

There are so many flowers in the tree

There are so many trees in the forest

And so many forests on Earth

It might be that all are slowly


So much suffering in this process of change

Hence listen, listen to the cuckoo’s calling

Purify your inner world

And blossom into the outer one

The whole universe shall rejoice

From rivers, mountains and forests

To birds, bees, butterflies

All sentient and non-sentient beings

Remember you are not alone

Listen to the sweet cuckoo’s calling

Blossom, blossom and blossom!



The Song of Dissolution

This is a song inspired by the melody of ‘Fukaki Umi No Kanata’ (Beyond the Deep Sea) by Yoshida Brothers. Feel free to read this song while listening to the melody or sing it… Hope this song inspires you to travel into the depths of your heart. Bon Voyage! All the best for your own internal searching.


Many seas I’ve crossed

Many ports I’ve reached

In my little

Imperfect boat

Of body and mind

Guided by the light of Heart


Oh a storm is coming

All is about to overturn

Perhaps I will finally realize that


From the sea

I rise

Into the sea

I fall

Like a little wave

In it dissolved


There is nowhere to go

For all is the Sea

Just let it Be


Wherever the currents lead me

I’ll go

Wherever the fishes call me

I’ll be

Back to the shore

I’ll return

Wave after wave


Oh the world is big

Yet so small

Oh time flows fast

Yet so slow

So I sing this song


From the sea

I rise

Into the sea

I fall

Like a little wave

In it dissolved


Sometimes my ego builds

My mind wanders

And I ask myself

Where shall I go next?

Is it New York, Lisbon or Rio?

Is it Gantou1, Paris or Tokyo?

Then I realize Being

And ego dissolves in itself


No more searching for the Sea

For I am already part of It

No ‘I’ to feed

No ‘mind’ to free

No fear

No worries

No attachments

No space

No time

Nothing at All

Yet Everything at the same time

So I sing this song


From the sea

I rise

Into the sea

I fall

Like a little wave

In it dissolved


Like a little wave

In it dissolved


Like a little wave

In it dissolved


  1. Gantou is my ancestral village (now a small town) in China where my grandparents and some relatives live. It is located on the margins of the Ou River, in the southeast part of the Zhejiang Province.